Punch Band clamp
Interlock CV Boot clamp
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Interlock CV Boot clamp
Adjustable CV-Boot Hose Clamps (Interlock)
The adjustable CV-Boot Hose Clamp is designed for CV-Joints , the constant Velocity (CV) Joints is responsible a maintenance task for car axle . The axle transmits torque from the engine and transmission to drive the vehicle's wheels, not only transmitting power but also flexing flex up and down with the motion of the wheels over the road, to use the quality CV-Boot Hose Clamp is very important.

More efficiency, smooth edge, no damage to parts when installed
Band Width:
6.3.mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm
W2: All of parts are made of AISI430S.S

W2 (AISI430S.S): Automotive Industry, Rubber


Installation by professional tool