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Grip hose clamp
Butterfly Hose Clamps

Product Description

  • Band Width: 9mm
  • Band Thickness: 0.6mm


  • Installation Clamps Without Any Tools
  • Under RoHS & REACH Standard
  • Non-perforated Stamped Band & Flared Edge Prevent Hoses From Damaging During Installation
  • Non-perforated Band
  • Low Free Torque
Material Type Band Housing Screw Handle
W2 (430S.S.)
AISI 430
Stainless Steel
AISI 430
Stainless Steel
Plated Carbon Steel POM
Tightening Torque:

    The recommended tightening torque is 3.0 Nm (26 in-lbs).

W2 (430S.S): Hardware, Home DIY, Garden, low applying of the corrosion resistance.
Low pressure requested only.


Size List

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